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Primary Sealant
Butyl Primary Sealant

Single-component, thermoplastic, solvent-free, UV-stable sealant made from polyisolbutylene, which has been developed especially for the primary sealing of insulating glass panes.

I characterized by its very high level of adhesion and impermeability. It adheres outstandingly to glass, Aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Impresses with its very rapid melting, high output yield and a constant application volume over a very wide temperature range.


  • 200 kilogram drums
  • 7.4 kilogram cylinder
  • 2.5 kilogram cylinder
  • 1.1 kilogram cylinder

Secondary Sealant
Polyurethane Edge Sealant

Two-component sealant, which was developed especially as a secondary sealant for multi-pane insulating glass. The product is solvent-free and contains absolutely no mercury-containing catalysts – which has been the case since 2001.

Characterized by its extremely good mechanical properties, optimal viscosity and very low water vapor and gas permeability. The service life of the mixers is extremely long.

The product can be applied without primer to glass and spacers in accordance with the usual guidelines. Its special rheological properties mean is perfect for both machine processing and manual feeding systems.

Mixing Ratio

  • by Volume: 100:10
  • by Weight: 100:7.1
Polysulfide Edge Sealant

Solvent-free two-component sealant and adhesive made with polysulfide, which was developed especially as a secondary sealant and to connect multi-pane insulating glass.

Characterized by its above-average adhesion and very good water vapor- and gas retention rates.

The product can be processed using all conventional two-component mixing and dosing machines and two-component manual systems. Adheres to all conventional clean, dry, grease-free and oil-free base coats used in the insulating glass industry.

Mixing Ratio

  • By Volume: 100:10
  • by Weight: 100:8.3


  • Base components: 200 liter drums
  • Hardening components: 20 liter or 200 liter drums
Thermoplastic Spacer (TPS®) :

Is a single-component, thermoplastic, solvent-free spacer made from polyisolbutylene, which was developed especially for use in TPS® systems.

Is characterized by its outstanding flow and excellent adhesion to glass, both when applied hot and with the subsequent grouting of the cold pane. The excellent adhesion between IGK 611 and the polyurethane secondary sealant means the edge seal is also mechanically stiffened in the insulated glazing unit.

The product can be pumped very well and has a high level of stability up to a height of 20 millimeters.

In addition, is the only manufacturer whose Thermoplastic Spacer® can be combined with both polysulfide and polyurethane – an economic alternative that has been proven for many years?


  • 200 kilogram drums

Aluminum Spacers
  • Welded Aluminium spacer bar for insulated glass units with or without surface treatment (natural Aluminium, anodized or painted);
  • Warm edge steel spacer bar for insulating glass;
  • Warm edge steel and plastic spacer bar for insulating glass;
  • Decorative Aluminium profiles for insulating glass.


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